Spice of Life


I am inspired by these spices from the Hadar market. I’ll tell you why.

Tomorrow I begin the research with the Western Galilee Medical Center. There are some issues related to my project, but I knew this would happen. I’m sure once things get off the ground and paperwork is in the right hands, things will run more smoothly. Sometimes, you just have to be somewhere “in the flesh” to get things truly off the ground. Nonetheless, my time here in Israel has been incredible so far. Israel is probably the most interesting place I have ever been.

There are people, like the spices in this picture, fresh from every walk of life. I especially liked how each spice is packaged like its neighbors, but sometimes with a different colored bag. This reminds me of Israelis and all who live here in Israel, who have returned to or remained in this area to live among one another. Since being here the last 2 weeks, I have met Israelis from Europe, South America, Asia, Africa and the US. Each person and group of people adds a special, irreplaceable flavor to the Israeli culture. 

My utopian self agrees with the majority of Israelis and Palestinians I have met in cabs, shops and on the street: hopping that we can all one day agree that the more spice, the better, and live at peace with one another. 


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